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Comics, comics everywhere!

Last week I had the fortune of creating my first comic for Toronto FC. That would be for the actual club versus my normal comic, about Toronto FC.

I’m also excited that it will be an ongoing arrangement with me creating various cartoons under the banner “O When The Reds!”. For now they will appear through TFC social media but there may be a consolidation of the cartoons at some point in the future.

Rest assured that this does not mark the end of East Side Stand Up!. It will continue! However it will probably be on an irregular schedule as I work the new comic into my schedule.

If you would like to keep up with the new comic, I will post the Twitter items here. But if you would like to follow Toronto FC directly, I’ve included the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links below.


Toronto FC Social Media

TFC Twitter account

TFC Facebook page

TFC YouTube page